Apple Search Engine vs. Google

apple search

When Apple is looking for search engineers, updating information about its web crawler (Applebot) and even offering users an alternative to Google’s search results, it might mean that a new Apple search engine is on its way. Google’s dominance in the mobile search market is undisputed: as of July 2020, Google’s global market share is […]

Why Businesses turned to SEO during covid-19?

business reopening after corona

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effect way to improve the online presence of businesses and organizations. SEO becomes more important now, when media budgets are limited, yet most people are still stuck at home and turning to Google with all their burning questions. Using SEO (and content marketing), you can answer those questions […]

Should you invest in SEO?

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Business owners and marketing managers are often reluctant about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), for several reasons, for example: Unlike PPC and advertising campaigns, it’s harder to measure SEO’s ROI. SEO’s success is often dependent on Google’s ranking algorithm and its capricious updates. The SEO process is slow, and it may take a few months until […]

Is Google Really 99% Spam-Free?

spam - google spam algorithm

According to Google’s annual Webspam report, released in June 2020, 99% of the internet’s search results are spam-free. Is the web really that clean? And what does it all mean for black-hat SEO?   Background: Google’s Webspam Report Every June Google releases a Webspam Report, which details the company’s efforts and success in its endless […]

SEO Then and Now – When algoholic met Barry Schwartz

I was honored to be interviewed to Barry Schwartz’ Search Vlog, a series of video interviews of SEO and SEM personalities from the search community. Among other things, Barry is the CEO of RustyBrick, the News Editor of Search Engine Land and one of the founding fathers of search engine optimization, his blog, is […]

Digital Marketing in 2020 & False Prophecies

So, what will happen in digital marketing next year? In short, mobile will kill the desktop, Google’s search results will be more personalized, new websites with limited budgets will find it harder to generate organic traffic while strong brands will get stronger, Google will display Twitter and Facebook statuses on the search results, shortened URLs […]