I'm an Algoholic

Gilad Sasson

Gilad Sasson aka algoholic is a digital marketing expert and the CEO of nekuda Web Marketing Solutions, a one-stop shop for all digital solutions, from search engine and social media marketing to creative and branding and everything in between.

My Story

I has been chasing search engine algorithms since the late 1990s, and is equally annoyed and intrigued every time Google gets smarter.

Before founding nekuda I was a copywriter, Photoshop editor, a content manager and an affiliate marketer in pre-Google search engines. While working with the Israeli yellow pages and during his affiliate marketing phase he discovered search engine marketing.  By the time Google took over online search and the term SEO was coined, he was already hooked.




In my 20 years’ experience in the search marketing industry, I  have planned and built search engines, optimized and promoted websites for both local and global search engines; managed the internet arenas of Zap Group (the local version of Yellow Pages), and was a VP manager at InterLogic, an international gaming company.


My Blog

I live in Binyamina. In my position as a CEO of nekuda, I am responsible for managing large-scale digital projects for various companies, startups, non-profits and government organizations. I am also an online marketing consultant for companies and startups, a member of advisory boards in several organizations and a recurring speaker and presenter in industry events and summits including GoMobile, SMX Israel, TNW, Israel Digital, Sphinconn, Amsterdam CAC, Affilicon and more.

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