New Visual Sponsored Ads on Google Images

Google introduced a new and visual advertising product – Shoppable Ads on Google Images. These ads will enable users to display prices, availability and other details for multiple products on Google Image search results. For example, image search for “home office ideas” will show an instagrammable home office and the prices, brands, shipping terms and other information of several furniture items.

For now, Google is testing the Shoppable Ads on limited number of brands and on limited, commercial intent search keywords, such as “home office ideas”, “shower tile designs”, and “abstract art”, but it plans to expand the advertising products to additional categories.

google images ads

At the same time, Google announced bringing Showcase Shopping Ads to Google Images as well. This adverting tool is designed to promote brands and products using images, descriptions and offers, would offer potential online shoppers “a more inspirational and rich visual experience”.

Along with voice search, visual search has been one of the leading trends in online search during the last couple of years. Google claim that their search engine is the number one destination for online shoppers in the US alone, and that many of them use Google Images for inspiration. However, studies show that many online shoppers visit Amazon first, and a growing number of them look for inspiration at visual social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest. These networks have already integrated visual ads units in their platforms, and they are increasingly stealing users from Google, especially in visual and commercial categories such as interior design and fashion.

Although we cannot blame Google for copying this ideas from its competitors (according to Search Engine Land, Google has introduced Shoppable Ads already in 2015), we can assume that Google is slightly threatened. Shoppable Ads may help Google to grab users – and advertisers – in the earlier stages of the shopping funnel.