Will Google Hotels Kill Organic Traffic for Travel Sites?

After taking over flights bookings, Google is now targeting hotel booking and price comparison with the launch of Google Hotels. Will booking, Kayak and other vertical travel engines survive?

Similar to its competitors, Google Hotels enables users to search hotels and vacation rentals, filter results by price, rating and amenities, compare prices and book online (via the hotel’s official site or other aggregators).

Google Hotel Ads are already dominating a large territory in the desirable real estate at the top of the hotel search results, pushing organic search results way down below the fold. Although Google did not reveal their revenue from Google Flights, but according to a few estimations the integration of flight search in Google search results had a significant impact on the industry.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that Google Hotels will have a similar impact on the travel industry, which is already one of the most competitive industries in both organic and paid search.