Food Delivery Directly from Google Search, Maps & Assistant

For some time Google has been trying to be much more than a search engine. Its main focus for the last years is to help users to do many things directly from the search results – from answering questions such as “what is the weather today” and “bitcoin price” to booking flight and hotel. From now, users can also order food and have it delivered to their door (in the US, from participating restaurants) directly from Google’s search results, Google Maps and Google Assistant.

food delivery via google

Google announced about this new feature this week, but the integration between Google’s Knowledge Panel and food delivery services such as DoorDash, Postmates, is already active for some time. The novelty is that now even the transaction is made via Google. It means that users can pay for their selected order using the credit card connected to their Google Pay account (and if it is not connected, they will be prompted to do so). Additionally, Google will remember previous orders and will allow users to reorder the same items from the same restaurants easily.

From the hungry user’s experience perspective, this addition can save the time and hassle of switching back and forth between Google and the different delivery websites. But, similar to the recent changes in hotel and flights bookings with the launch of Google Hotels, it can also kill SEO for restaurants and food services and force them to rely more on integration with Google services and less on SEO.